Meaning of Dreams

The idea of dream interpretation has been with humans for thousands of years, if not more. We are so curious about what our dream life means, probably because we feel we have so little control over what happens there. Is your brain simply organizing information, or is the subconscious mind trying to communicate messages?

Many people throughout history have determined that our dreams are more than the random firing of neurons as we sleep. Instead the meaning of dreams, while complex, can often be interpreted based on symbols and activities that take place within our nightly escapades in dreamland. By recognizing these symbols, you can help unlock what your mind is trying to tell you.

Dream Activities and Their Meanings

There are some dream activities that seem to be almost universal, which means that dream interpretation has been able to ascribe certain meanings to them. If you wake in the morning having experienced one of these types of activities, you may find clues to issues that your mind is trying to work out for you.

  • Being Naked

Many people experience dreams in which they find themselves in a public place with no clothing on. Oftentimes, this is an embarrassing situation, but what does it mean? According to one of the most famous dream interpreters of all time—Sigmund Freud—a dream of being chased has to do with sex. In his interpretation, dreams where you show up in class, work, or another public place represent sexual insecurities. Having this type of dream experience may be your mind’s way of making you aware of these insecurities so that you can uncover the root cause and come to terms with how to resolve them.

  • Flying

Flying in dreams can be both an exhilarating and a terrifying experience. If you are enjoying yourself and feel like you’re in control, then this likely means that you feel the same way about your waking life. On the other hand, if your flight is out of your control or you are having trouble getting off the ground, this can indicate that you are struggling in other areas of your life. Obstacles to your flight path (such as mountains or man-made objects) may indicate that there are people in your life who are holding you back from reaching your potential.

  • Falling

A dream about falling can be a pretty straightforward message about insecurity. Generally speaking, these types of dreams can indicate that you don’t feel you have the kind of support that you need in your life, whether from someone specific or in other ways. For example, if you are experiencing financial difficulties, this can show up as a sense of falling. A lack of direction in your life may also play out this way in your dreams. If you are having dreams about falling, it may be time to examine your life to determine how you can provide a better sense of support and security.

  • Being Chased

If you imagine the feelings you encounter while being chased, either in real life or in a dream, then it may not be too difficult to interpret what your mind is trying to tell you. Typically, there is something that is causing you to feel overwhelmed. Paying attention to other symbols within your dream may help you to uncover what is causing these feelings, whether it’s another person, a job situation, or something else; thereby giving you insight into changes that need to be made to help you regain your sense of control in your waking life.

Common Symbols in Dreams and What They Mean

Dream interpretation is based on the recognition and understanding of a variety of symbols that commonly appear throughout the human dreaming experience. Symbols can mean different things to different people, depending upon your life. For example, dreams of babies often signify a life change; however, if you are pregnant, then they may just be a more straightforward means of exploring your upcoming arrival.

  • Water

Water typically is a representation of one’s unconscious self or the mind. Different bodies of water can have different meanings. For example, smaller bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, and water usually have to do with your own individual unconscious. On the other hand huge bodies of water like oceans are thought to tap into the larger collective unconscious of humankind.

  • School

Again, if you are in school, then these types of dreams may be a bit more straightforward, although they can certainly combine with other symbols and activities to give you a bigger picture of your unconscious thoughts. In other cases, the school dream represents life lessons. You are learning about yourself and the world around you and may be taking those lessons to heart. It is recommended to take a look at your life to determine if there are lessons you should be learning that you’re simply overlooking because they are inconvenient.

  • Roads

A dream about roads is thought to be the mind’s way of talking to you about the direction of your life. Consider where you are in your life and what paths you may want to take. This may be the time to consider taking a new direction or to identify something negative you’ve been doing that needs to be changed for your own best interest.

  • People

It is often thought that every person in your dreams represents an aspect of yourself. When you dream of a particular person, you may actually be recognizing traits of him or her within your own personality. Are you fearful of being like that person, or perhaps you aspire to follow his or her example in your own life. Dreaming of others gives you insight into how you feel about yourself and allows you to make corrections if you are not meeting your own personal guidelines for yourself.

Dream interpretation is a huge field that spans pretty much every culture of the globe. There is no limit to the resources available to those who are interested in becoming more in tuned with what their minds are trying to tell them as they rest at night.

Photo Credit: Atomic Citrocity